Slim Solid Ash Wood Laptop C Table Earthly Comfort Side Tables 1660
Slim Solid Ash Wood Laptop C Table Earthly Comfort Side Tables 1660-1
Slim Solid Ash Wood Laptop C Table Earthly Comfort Side Tables 1660-2
Slim Solid Ash Wood Laptop C Table Earthly Comfort Side Tables 1660-3
Slim Solid Ash Wood Laptop C Table Earthly Comfort Side Tables 1660-4
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Slim Solid Ash Wood Laptop C Table


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Metal Finish

Product Type:
C-base side table.

Solid ash wood with a natural stain for the tabletop.

American-made steel for the metal base.

24.5" tall x 18" deep x 12" wide.
Custom sizes available upon request.
Wood thickness: 3/4".
Metal frame thickness: 3/4".

Finish Options:
Natural stain for the ash wood tabletop.
Black paint finish for the metal base.

Metal Color Options:
Flat-Black Paint.
Raw Steel Clearcoat.
Powdercoat Finish (+$100; may add 2 weeks to processing).

Production Lead Time:
Made to order, ships in 4-6 weeks.

Some assembly required.

Handmade in the US

This listing is for one, C-base side table. This table will fit right under your couch or chair. The featured table is created using solid ash wood with a natural stain. The metal base is coated with a black paint finish.

We use only American-made steel and local hardwoods. This piece of furniture is handmade from our shop in Eastern Iowa.

Production Lead Time

This product is made to order and ships out within 4-6 weeks. 


- 24.5" tall x 18" deep x 12" wide

- We also do custom sizes, just ask us!

- Wood is 3/4" thick

-Metal frame is 3/4" thick


Metal Color Options

  • Flat-Black Paint
  • Raw Steel Clearcoat
  • Powdercoat Finish (+$100)

Please note that powedercoat may take up 2 additional weeks to process



Have another idea for custom table? Just ask us, and we can get you a quote!

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