Mango Wood Furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mango Wood Good for Furniture?

Yes, it is excellent for furniture due to its durability and sustainability. Mango Wood is a hardwood.

Is Mango Wood Better Than Oak?

It's durability, hardness, and lifespan stands hand in hand with oak hardwood. Some prefer it over oak due to its distinct grain tones and standout eco-friendliness.

Does Mango Wood Scratch Easily?

Mango wood, though durable, is susceptible to scratching if not maintained. Being solid wood, it shares this trait with others. Fortunately, scratches can be remedied by sanding, repairing, and refinishing.

Is Mango Wood Furniture Sustainable?

Mango wood grows fully in just 10 to 20 years, and what's cool is that it even produces delicious fruit before being harvested for furniture! This combination makes it one of the most sustainable solid wood choices.

Is Mango Wood Waterproof?

Mango wood is naturally resistant to water but should be protected from prolonged exposure to water and steam.

What is the Lifespan of Mango Wood?

Mango wood furniture can last for many years, depending on factors like care and maintenance, but typically it can endure for decades.

Is Mango Wood Trendy?

Mango wood furniture is currently trending due to its sustainability and natural beauty featuring many different natural shades and patterns. It can fit many styles such as boho, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse, French, art deco, modern, industrial, and more. This has helped promote its recent increase in demand.

Why is Mango Wood Affordable?

Mango wood's affordability is influenced by its fast growth rate and widespread availability.

Does Mango Furniture Warp?

Properly maintained, mango wood furniture can resist warping over time

How Do I Maintenance My Mango Wood Furniture?

We recommend to use a clear polyurethane finish for protection and wipe surfaces with a mild wood cleaner or water-vinegar mix. Regularly dust and apply the sealant every few months for lasting shine and quality. If you have trouble with this let us know!