Mango Wood Furniture

Welcome to Living Earthly, where we delve into the beauty and sustainability of products crafted from the earth. Today, we're shining a spotlight on mango wood furniture, a natural choice for those seeking both style and eco-friendliness in their home decor.

What are the characteristics of Mango Wood Furniture?

Mango wood furniture boasts a rich, warm tone with unique grain patterns, adding a touch of natural charm to any space. Its durability and strength make it ideal for crafting sturdy pieces like nightstands, consoles, and coffee tables. Plus, its sustainable sourcing makes it a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious consumers.

What is Mango Wood?

Sourced from tropical mango trees, mango wood is renowned for sustainability due to its fast growth, reaching maturity in just 10 to 15 years, promoting eco-friendly forestry practices. Mango trees naturally thrive in India, Myanmar, and East Asia, with India being the primary cultivator of mango wood. However, mango wood is also harvested in Kenya and China.

Mango trees are harvested for their wood after they've lived a fruitful life of producing mangoes. I find myself enjoying the sweet, delicious fruit they bear on occasion.

Mango wood, although durable, needs proper care to avoid scratches. Regular maintenance, like using coasters and gentle cleaners, helps maintain its pristine appearance.

Initially emitting a subtle sweet aroma, mango wood's natural scent diminishes over time, adding to its appeal. While naturally resistant to water, applying a protective sealant can enhance its longevity, ensuring lasting beauty for years to come.

Is Mango Wood Furniture Expensive?

Despite its high-quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly appeal, mango wood furniture is often more affordable than hardwood alternatives like oak or teak. This makes it an accessible option for those looking to furnish their home with stylish, sustainable pieces without breaking the bank.

Even with its more affordable cost, mango wood doesn't compromise on quality. It's comparable to hardwoods in terms of durability, strength, and life expectancy. What sets it apart is its faster growth rate, allowing for more frequent harvests, better replenishment, and ultimately, more affordable pricing.

How Do We Maintain it?

Having just made quality investments in our home, it's crucial to maintain their condition for the long term. Proper upkeep of our mango wood furniture ensures its durability and longevity, allowing us to enjoy its pristine condition for years to come. To achieve this, regular care and maintenance are essential.

Using a clear polyurethane finish as a protective sealant and a mild wood cleaner or water-vinegar mixture for cleaning ensures effective maintenance. Wipe down surfaces regularly with soft cloths to remove dust and dirt. Applying the sealant every few months maintains shine and integrity, preserving the beauty and quality of our furniture with minimal effort.

If you need a more in depth explanation of how to maintain just message us. We are always here to help.

Where to Shop For Mango Wood Furniture?

When it comes to finding the perfect mango wood furniture for your home, look no further than Earthly Comfort Home. Explore our collection of mango wood nightstands, consoles, coffee tables, and more, all crafted with care and consideration for the planet. Join us in living earthly and embracing the natural beauty of mango wood furniture today.

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